The Third Thirty

The Third Thirty is a community oral history project that invites South Sound elders to reflect and share wisdom from a moment in their lives. The project began in 2018 as a community-based learning experience offered in partnership with Senior Services of South Sound Lifelong Learning Program. Participants learned the art and practice of oral history, built their listening and interviewing skills, and considered the ethical issues of gathering and sharing other peoples’ stories. They invited someone they admired to participate in an interview and then we shared edited versions of those interviewed at public readings at the end of the course. The Third Thirty has since evolved into a dynamic community-driven storytelling project that involves many creative collaborators and partners.

Contact Memory Activist, Elaine Vradenburgh, if you are interested in participating or collaborating.

most recent story

February 16, 2022

"A good instrument will teach you. I think you could sit it in your lap and watch television and it would teach you to play. A really great instrument practically will play itself. And that's what we're after."

Luthier and Musician
Local resident since the early 1990s