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Organizations throughout the South Puget Sound hire Window Seat Media to help tell their stories.

Window Seat Media Partners with Organizations Across Washington State to Help Them Tell Their Communities Stories through Video Production and Storytelling Workshops.

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We help build organizational capacity and community resilience through our multimedia storytelling services and workshops in oral history, nonprofit storytelling, and media literacy. If you are interested in partnering with Window Seat Media, please send us a message through the site or contact our curator, Elaine Vradenburgh.

Past Partnerships

Video Production Services

We can produce videos for your next fundraiser or crowdfunding campaign, to raise awareness, or to share stories of impact. Our background in nonprofit fundraising, oral history, media literacy makes us uniquely positioned to not only produce a compelling story, but to do so with ethical and artistic integrity so everyone feels great about how their story is represented to the public.

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"In addition to bringing a thoughtful, sensitive, and critical eye to her creative work, Elaine has a solid background in nonprofit development work. This combination of strengths made her the perfect person to produce ​a fundraising video for my organization."

​-Addie Candib, ​former Development Director, South of the Sound Community Farm Land Trust ​​​​​

Multimedia Storytelling Services

We love adding capacity to your storytelling projects. We can bring the research skills and technical know-how to your next project. Contact us to explore the possibilities.

Partner Highlight

Window Seat Media was hired by the Center for Washington Cultural Traditions to conduct fieldwork with "tradition bearers" in the Twin Harbors region of the Washington State coast for their Cultural Traditions Survey, and to produce short media products from the interviews. The stories are available on the Center's online publication, Rites of Green, here:

Grays Harbor Drag King, Ceasar Hart (center with red tie), after drag show in Aberdeen. Cesear was a participant of the Center for Washington Cultural Traditions Twin Harbors Cultural Traditions Survey.

Workshops for Organizations, Educators, and Individuals

We offer workshops on oral history, multimedia storytelling, nonprofit storytelling, and media literacy. All of our workshops are custom designed to meet your needs. Example workshop topics include: 

  • Nonprofit storytelling training to help volunteers and Board members be more effective organizational ambassadors
  • Media or technical training or coaching for nonprofit professionals who want to learn how to produce their own stories for web or social media
  • Oral history workshops for youth and/or adults so that you can document the stories of your family or community
  • Consultation or training to teachers who want to incorporate an oral history project into their classroom curriculum

The oral histories conducted for Window Seat Media projects are all done by community members who take a free training with us. You may want to check that option out too! 

Select Past Workshops

Community Foundation of South Puget Sound
2021 Give Local Workshops

Nonprofit Storytelling: Production Basics  

Do you want to make a fundraising video for Give Local (or other campaigns) but you don’t know how to get started? In this workshop, we will walk you through visual storytelling best practices –from principals of project design to considering what’s needed to work with a production company or do it yourself to attending to the power dynamics and ethics of telling other peoples’ stories. Participants will walk away with a solid process and ethical compass to guide them through their process.

Nonprofit Storytelling: Moving Beyond Curated Storytelling

Our success as fundraisers depends to a large degree on our ability to tell compelling stories – about the need in the community, about the impact of our work, and about the future we are striving to create. Whose stories are we telling to write that narrative? What are our practices for telling those stories? What power dynamics are at play? This two-part workshop series provides an overview of nonprofit storytelling conventions and a do-it-yourself template to try. Part1 discusses storytelling conventions, explores best practices to help guide us in building an ethical storytelling practice, and workshops a simple template to try for Give Local. In Part 2, participants will bring their stories(complete or works-in-progress) for feedback, advice and technical help. This series aims to increase media literacy, help organizations connect their work with a larger theme or guiding question(s),and offer tools and templates for do-it-yourself storytelling.

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Center for Washington Cultural Traditions
2020 + 2021 Cultural Documentation Field School

Window Seat Media was hired as a contractor to help design and facilitate a multi-session virtual workshop series. Students learn cultural documentation skills, such as interviewing, audio, video, and photography, as well as how to activate their stories within their communities through community exhibits, gatherings, and events. Fieldwork ethics and accountability to the communities we document will be emphasized and woven throughout.

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Window Seat Media Oral History Workshop
2020 The Third Thirty Cohort Training

We believe in the power of the interview process – both for the person being interviewed and the listener. We want to share this experience with our community, so we’ve set up a model where community members receive training so they can gather stories for the project. Participants enroll in a 4-hour workshop to learn the art and practice of oral history, build their listening and interviewing skills, and consider the ethical issues of gathering and sharing other peoples’ stories. At the end of the workshop, participants have the skills and tools they need to invite someone to participate (often someone with whom they have a personal relationship), conduct a recorded interview, and finalize the interview transcript for inclusion in the project.  

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The Evergreen State College
2017/18 Community Connections Program

Introduction to Oral History

Designed and led a 2-hour workshop that provided students embarking on their first oral history project with an overview of the theory and practice of oral history interviewing and writing, including practical applications in the public sector. This workshop was a part of a yearlong academic program called Community Connections.

Washington Association of Conservation Districts
2016 Annual Conference

The Power of Story in Communications + Marketing

Led a session that explored how using landowner stories can engage and inspire audiences in exciting ways. We viewed powerful examples, discussed how to use story alongside facts and numbers for the best results, and learned some tools and tips to collect and present stories from their own districts.