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Organizations throughout the South Puget Sound hire Window Seat Media to help tell their stories.

Window Seat Media Partners with Organizations Across Washington State to Help Them Tell Their Communities Stories through Video Production and Storytelling Workshops.

We're here to help you share with the world what matters most and to engage with your community.
If you are interested in partnering with Window Seat Media, please send us a message through the site or contact our curator, Elaine Vradenburgh.

About Our Work

Window Seat Media is a collaborative of multimedia storytellers who work with organizations in the South Puget Sound region to amplify the voices of those who are underrepresented in our American narrative(s). We do this because we believe we write our future with the stories we narrate, and we are committed to co-creating an inclusive, connected, and  just world.

Past Partnerships

Partner with us on Video Production

​We can produce videos for your next fundraiser or crowdfunding campaign, to raise awareness about your work, or to share stories of impact.

"In addition to bringing a thoughtful, sensitive, and critical eye to her creative work, Elaine has a solid background in nonprofit development work. This combination of strengths made her the perfect person to produce ​a fundraising video for my organization."

​-Addie Candib, ​South of the Sound Community Farm Land Trust ​​​​​

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Partner with us on an Upcoming Workshop

  • Do you want to help your volunteers and Board members be more effective storytellers?
  • Does your organization or group want to gather stories from clients in various formats?
  • Does your group want to learn how to preserve family stories?
  • Do you want your students to do oral history projects as part of your curriculum?

We offer custom designed trainings and coaching services to meet your needs.

Rachel Corrie Foundation

2017 Peaceworks Conference

The Future We Want to Create: Storytelling As Social Change
How can story serve as a catalyst for social change? How can we work together within our groups and organizations to 'write' new possibilities for our future? In this workshop, we will explore the power of narrative to shape our perception and our future. We will conside storytelling conventions and the relationship between story and power. Participants will leave with a process and some tools to amplify stories within their own communities to create the change they want to see happen.

Evergreen State College

Winter 2017 and Winter 2016

Community Connections Program Introduction to Oral History

A 2-hour workshop that provided students embarking on their first oral history project with an overview of the theory and practice of oral history interviewing and writing, including practical applications in the public sector.

Fellowship of Reconciliation

November 2016 Annual Retreat

Learning to Listen Across Lines of Difference

"How often do we have the opportunity to pause and listen deeply to how another human being experiences the world we share? These quiet moments of connection are often what allow us to transform the way we see ourselves and others. In this workshop, we will explore the practice of listening as an everyday art and the role it can play in movement building."  

Washington Association of Conservation Districts

June 2016 Annual Conference

The Power of Story in Communications + Marketing

"In this session, we will explore how using landowner stories can engage and inspire your audiences in exciting ways. We will view powerful examples, discuss how to use story alongside facts and numbers for the best results, and learn some tools and tips to collect and present stories from your own Districts."

Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County

October 2016

Storytelling to Engage and Inspire

"Engage and inspire others to volunteer through telling your own involvement story. Learn storytelling conventions, and write and practice your own story."