Our Purpose

Stories that build resilience, identity, and connection.

“To be a storyteller is to recognize, break apart, and critically reshape the stories of our communities and our world.”

Tsering Lama, Storytelling Advisory, Greenpeace International

Window Seat Media, Story Telling for Social Change. We amplify local knowledge, share powerful ideas, and ask what is possible.

Our Mission

​Window Seat Media is a collaborative of multimedia storytellers who weave the stories we don't often hear into the fabric of our public life. We do this because we believe we write our future with the stories we narrate, and we are committed to co-creating an inclusive, connected, and  just world.

Our Values + Practice

We experiment with a variety of formats - live storytelling, theater, community conversations, podcasts, film screenings, exhibits, and more - to amplify local knowledge, share powerful ideas, and ask what is possible. Our purpose is to join with people and locales to strengthen our communities.

We are guided by a commitment to continually refine our practice, to listen deeply, and to find relevant, innovative, and evocative ways to share stories. We are a nimble organization that thrives on synergy, abundance thinking, and experimentation. We value relationships (human and place-based), multi-disciplinary collaboration, multi-vocality, equity, transparency, and trust. We aspire to gather and share nuanced, layered stories with artistic and ethical integrity. We are grounded in a story gathering and story sharing practice that:

  • Shares skills to help others to tell their own stories
  • Asks with respectful curiosity and listens to understand
  • Acknowledges our inherent subjectivity while practicing neutrality
  • Owns our power as sharers of others' stories and produces stories with ethical and artistic integrity
  • Recognizes the vulnerability of sharing stories and cultivates agency, safety and trust
  • Uses story to address community needs and values and express cultural practices

We consider ourselves stewards of other peoples’ stories and we never share a story without the person’s feedback and consent.