Sharing our stories. Strengthening our communities.

​Window Seat Media weaves the stories that often go unshared into the fabric of our public life.

Support Local Community Oral History & Storytelling

At Window Seat Media, we gather people together to share stories that spark conversation, connection, and social change. We do this because we believe we write our future with the stories we narrate, and we want to co-create a more inclusive, connected, and just world.


We Are Here - A Fundraiser for Window Seat Media

Come slow down with us, connect with friends, replenish in the outdoors, and enjoy appetizers, desserts, and a raffle at our Annual Community Storytelling Gathering. Arrive early for a guided story-sharing walk on the beach. Learn about the community relationships and synergy built this past year. Listen and share stories of belonging in our homeplace - there will be some Playback Theater! Get excited about what is to come in 2024!

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We offer workshops on oral history, multimedia storytelling, organizational storytelling, community-building, and media literacy. All workshops are custom designed to meet your needs. Connect with us to further a shared goal or vision.

Community Narratives

Our ongoing community oral history and storytelling projects or "Community Narratives" aim to amplify local knowledge, share powerful ideas, and ask what is possible. Join us in storytelling community!

Cultural Documentation & Research Services

We facilitate community-based oral history, cultural documentation, and participatory action research projects. Let us bring our research skills, processes, and technical know-how to your next project.

Work with Window Seat Media

We offer tools & story-based processes so that communities can engage with their own stories.