Sharing our stories. Strengthening our communities.

​Window Seat Media weaves the stories that often go unshared into the fabric of our public life.

Support Local Community Storytelling

At Window Seat, we gather people together to share stories, spark conversation, connection, and social change. We serve the the South Sound by weaving stories that have historically been forgotten, silenced, or ignored into the fabric of our everyday lives. We do this because we believe we write our future with the stories we narrate, and we want to co-create a more inclusive, connected, and just world.

We teach

Workshops in organizational storytelling, media literacy, and oral history to share our skills and empower community members with the tools to share their own stories, activate collective memory, and spark local change-making.

We curate

Community storytelling and oral history projects to elevate local knowledge, share powerful ideas, amplify community voices, and ask what is possible.

We communicate

Offering multimedia communication services to assist local organizations in raising awareness and funds.


Video Stories.


Audio Stories.


Written Stories.