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Reflections from the WSM Archive by Isabelle Haines

"Reading and/or listening to each narrator’s life story was an immersive, frequently delightful experience. But occasionally, I felt like a trespasser wading into deeply personal territory. I was not prepared for the vulnerability that each narrator brought to their interview. With unflinching honesty, they discussed the Great Depression, the internment of Japanese Americans, the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movement, misogyny, racism, class divide, art, music, unplanned pregnancy, parenthood, curtailed ambitions, loneliness, joys and tragedies of all sorts. I trailed behind, adding in commas and periods." -Isabelle Haines, Community Stories Project Intern

We're Hiring!

We're Hiring! We’re entering into our 5th year at Window Seat Media and are eager for new energy, talents, and ideas so that we can grow and evolve in responsive and meaningful ways. We seek a responsive, thoughtful, and collaborative leader to deepen, strengthen, and grow our relationships with our South Sound community.

Constellating Lineage

Upcoming Workshop! Constellating Lineage is a 6-session workshop series that invites participants to explore their family history, heritage, and story(ies). Begins Saturday February 20.

The Third Thirty:December Story Circle

Beginning in December, we will share excerpts from the interviews we gather from The Third Thirty Oral History Project through a virtual story circle. After listening to a short audio story, story circle participants will have opportunity to reflect and share their own stories in response to a question or theme in facilitated large and small group conversations.

Reflections from InhaleExhale Community Confluence

I want to have my body prepared by the local Chevra Kadisha, the Sacred Society of volunteers who perform the ancient ritual of Tahara/Purification, washing and wrapping the body in a shroud in preparation for burial. How could I combine traditional Jewish burial practices with environmentally sound burial methods?

On Returning

I am returning to work after reducing my hours during the stay-at-home order. With guidance from our Board, collaborators, and advisors, we are finding a path that we hope moves our work forward with renewed intention and care. I am feeling particularly grateful for the powerful storytellers of today - Ava DuVernay, Resmaa Menakem, and Bryan Stevenson, to name just a few - who are doing the imperative and courageous work of naming, contextualizing, and framing white supremacy in new and urgent ways.

InhaleExhale: An Experiment in Creative Collaboration

We invited (mostly local) visual and performing artists to share their questions, ideas, and stories about death and dying through the creation of original works. What resulted was a mosaic of voices and expression. The malleability of memory, the possibility of queer kinship, the interdependence of human and nonhuman, sound and body as conduit and connector, life as celebration...are some threads that weave these works together. We’re excited to share our experiment and their stories with you. Join us!

InhaleExhale: Honoring Life + Navigating the Journey of Death

Join us for our project launch! Workshops, playback theater, an exhibit, conversations and more! Together, we will consider our own stories around death, access new ideas and resources, and listen to stories in a variety of formats.

We’re Better Off When People Leave Us Alone

“The truth is that tourism, like any other capitalistic project, is about consumption for profit. But “place” isn’t an endlessly renewable commodity—it is someone’s home, and the communities who call it so rarely factor in fairly to our conceptions of travel as an enlightening project.”

The Third Thirty: A Community Storytelling Project

Do you love listening to people’s stories? Are there individuals in our South Sound community (or beyond) who have great stories to share? Join us as we continue to gather stories from community members between ages 60 and 90 as part of "The Third Thirty: A Community Storytelling Project."

Our 2017 Annual Report is Here!

January is our anniversary month here at Window Seat Media. On January 25, 2016 I filed the paperwork to turn this idea that had been percolating for quite some time into a nonprofit in the state of Washington.

Narrating the Communities We Want to Create

We all have rituals. One of mine is to turn up narratives that make me uncomfortable in my white skin. The Establishment is my daily dose of discomfort. This morning, as I scrolled through my Facebook feed while drinking my coffee, I came upon this article by Ijeoma Oluo: "White People Will Always Let You Down." The title stung; I knew I needed to read it.

Window Seat Media Welcomes New Board Member

Window Seat Media is a nimble organization that thrives on synergy, abundance thinking, and experimentation. We value relationships (human and place-based), multi-disciplinary collaboration, multi-vocality, equity, transparency, and trust. We are always seeking out folks who share our values to help guide our effort forward. We're thrilled to welcome Jessica Babcock to our Board, who embodies these values.

Writing and Revising "America"

Who decides what stories we hear and what are the implications? How does the process of constructing narratives impact group behavior? For the past 10 weeks, I had the good fortune of exploring these and other timely questions with a small cohort of students enrolled in The Evergreen State College's Grays Harbor Program.

Project Highlight: Building Resilience After The Khmer Rouge

Forty years ago, Cambodia faced a humanitarian crisis similar in scale what we're witnessing in Aleppo. Last month I interviewed Srey Ryser, the founder of the Cambodian Cultural Celebration, for a video I produced for Washington State Park's Folk and Traditional Arts in the Parks Program. With her permission, I am sharing a bit of her story from our interview and video stills I gathered for the project.

The Resilience Project: Stories of Kindness, Strength, and Hope

The Resilience Project explores what underlies our human capacity to persevere. We’re curious about our ability to offer up kindness and hope – to ourselves and others – in the face of adversity and to have the strength to carry on. Our hope is that through this project we offer opportunities to slow down and delve deeply into one aspect of the human condition.

Seeking A Path Forward in the Aftermath of the Election

In times of great uncertainty, the need for role models feels more important than ever. If we choose to listen, we will find people who are creating opportunities to cultivate compassion, understanding, and healing. They are driven by an innate curiosity and a deep need for discovery rather than truth.

Snap Shots: Democratizing Engagement Through Sharing Stories

On Tuesday I traveled over the mountains to the Wenatchee Valley to an annual conference of conservation district staff. Window Seat Media was invited as a presenter to give a workshop in the communications and education track of the conference. Our workshop focused on the power and potential of community-driven storytelling to deeply engage our communities in our work.