Spaces that Spark: End-of-year community fundraiser

November 10, 2021
Spaces that Spark: End-of-year community fundraiser

When was the last time you felt a spark of unrealized possibility ignite inside yourself? Did it happen while listening deeply to a friend? Or during a chance encounter with a stranger on the street? Or maybe there are certain spaces in our community where you go for collective inspiration. When we nourish that spark, sometimes it grows into a sparkling light that can lead our communities forward in new and exciting ways.

Storytelling is a vital part of human life, and there are many ways that community storytelling can nourish, heal, and strengthen our communities. At Window Seat, we’ve seen how sharing our stories in community with others – through our community stories projects – sparks connection and serves as a powerful catalyst for creativity and social change. We invite you to help us nourish those sparks by making a tax-deductible donation to Window Seat Media.

We envision a South Sound community that honors, seeks out, and is shaped by the many histories, identities, and stories present in this place. A vibrant democratic society depends on spaces that spark dialogue, deep listening, and civic engagement. We’re contributing to that sparkling light in our own small way here at Window Seat, and we thank you for considering joining us in this effort. We are committed to co-creating a more inclusive, connected, and just world, and aim to live into that vision by promoting community abundance, collective wealth, joy, and the gifts of oral history and community storytelling. 

We deeply value all donations, both large or small. Thank you in advance for whatever you are able to give!

P.S. We’ll be hosting two fundraising events in December – one in person and one online - where we’ll share stories in community with each other. Stay tuned for more information soon. We hope to see you there!