2021 Annual Report

February 1, 2022
2021 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

Dear Friends,

2021 marked five years of community storytelling at Window Seat. When we reflect on these first five years, we are deeply grateful for all the networks of relationships that grew our programming and projects. Our work is a reflection of the creative energy of many people, and this year was no different. We hope this report shines some light on what is possible when we welcome collaboration.

Sadly, the year ended with a devastating fire that destroyed the cozy office space where so much of the behind the scenes work happens at Window Seat. It was a big loss, but it showed us how deeply the collective care runs in our community. It also planted some seeds for our 2022 community storytelling project about the importance of spaces and places. But that is a story for our next report. To our friends near and far, thank you for being in community with us. We can’t wait to keep sharing stories and strengthening community ties. Onward!

We also made a big developmental leap this year by creating a new position at Window Seat - Community Weaver - and we welcomed Meg into that role! Meg brought with them a Playback Theatre company, Brave Practice, which we have officially launched as a community engagement program. So not only were we blessed to bring them on staff, we were also able to offer a home to this new community storytelling project.

Elaine Vradenburgh
Curator + Founder

Meg Rosenberg,
Community Weaver