Community testimonials - Harvest Moon

November 26, 2021
Community testimonials - Harvest Moon
Weaving the Dream, Pan Silpaulos, Quinault meaning, "Time of Autumn."

As Mother Earth brings change of seasons to shed their colorful leaves. The animals shed their coats for a warmer winter coat. Rivers and streams fill with rage as the nights of rain to cleanse and wash away, to bring forth a new transformation.

Take a deep breath with me as a Raven caws to remind me to have new ears, shed and make anew a little, medium, and large Dreams. Be like my ancestors to share minds, souls, and hearts. Close your eyes and reflect back to your first fall experience as a child. Now be innocent and a brand new vessel to make you whole and complete.

-Harvest Moon

Quinault weaver & storyteller

Local resident since 1957

Harvest was a featured storyteller in The Third Thirty oral history project, honoring and amplifying the voices of our elders. Listen to Harvest’s story here.