Brave Practice Playback Theatre Collective

Young Adults Workshop at ASHHO: Stories of Bravery

We gathered in late January 2024 to practice courage on and off stage by sharing stories of bravery with a group of young adults. This workshop is part of our improv theatre series focused on community-building, leadership, and learning how to use theatre for social change.

Brave Practice Playback Theatre Collective

We gathered over the weekend to practice courage by sharing our stories of bravery. What does bravery mean to you? When have you practiced bravery in your everyday life, in big and small ways? How can you cultivate the vulnerability necessary to do hard things like lead, learn, make mistakes, and maintain integrity and community accountability?

Window Seat and ASHHO have partnered to bring this offering to the community. We are so grateful to have an opportunity for our two organizations to live our shared values and goals together. This workshop is supported by an Arts in Education grant from ArtsWA, with the goal of enriching local arts offerings and accessible community programming.

Brave Practice Playback Theatre Collective is a community resource for storytelling and deep listening. Founded in 2021 as a community engagement program through Window Seat, we are a collective of theatre artists who use Playback Theatre and other theatre-based techniques to foster connection, inclusion, and belonging locally. We serve a beautiful, diverse, intergenerational, and multicultural community within and connected to the South Sound region. With us, you'll practice empathy, express yourself, collaborate with others, and explore your own gifts and potential. Become familiar with techniques in Playback Theatre, a kind of improv theatre where people share true moments from their lives and others play them back on the spot.