Creativity Salons

Join us in learning how to steward our own stories and write our own futures. Work on a creative project and build skills in your chosen artistic practice. Bring a storytelling project in your chosen medium - memoir-writing, poetry, script-writing, composing, painting, audio editing, or something else - and gain insight from other creatives during your creative process. “Salon” time features an artist-narrator to share about their own creative process. We’re partnering with local artists and cohort members of our oral history projects for featured artist-narrators. “Shop” time focuses on creative process work. Sessions will have a mix of dedicated creative work time and peer-to-peer process sharing guided by Window Seat Media hosts.

Contact Community Weaver, Meg Rosenberg, with questions or potential collaborations.

most recent story

January 11, 2024

A beautiful group of artists and storytellers gathered for our inaugural Creativity Salon and there was some MAGIC in the air!