Inhale/Exhale: Stories of Death and Dying...for the Living

Inhale/Exhale explores these and other questions about our end-of-life care in the South Puget Sound through a multidisciplinary community story project. Our goal is to amplify the practices, structures, and rituals we need to have safe, supported, and empowered care at the end of our lives. Through the project we hope to share powerful stories and ideas, illuminate systemic problems, and ask what is possible for end-of-life care in the South Sound community.

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October 7, 2019

New Podcast Series Coming Soon! 

“The soul is contained in the human voice,” says writer Jorges Luis Borges. Over the past few months, Window Seat Media staff and volunteers have been recording the voices of our friends, neighbors, and family members as they reflect on their thoughts and experiences with ​death and dying. We will share these stories at our November 16th Community Confluence and through a new podcast series we will launch in early 2020. Stay tuned!