Brave Practice

A Community Stories Project by Window Seat Media

A community resource for storytelling, community dialogue, civic engagement, and social change.

Welcome to Brave Practice! We are are a NEW community engagement program of Window Seat. We offer audiences and workshop participants a space to practice bravery in community through storytelling and deep listening. We are collective of theatre artists in the South Sound who use Playback Theatre and other storytelling methods as a way to foster connection and belonging in community.

Playback Theatre is an original form of interactive and improvisational theatre where people tell true stories from their lives and others enact them on the spot using music, dialogue, metaphor, and movement.
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Use theatre as a way to practice bravery in community through deep listening and storytelling so that each individual is more prepared to be courageous in their everyday life.


We envision a state where diverse and multicultural communities come together to explore what it means to be human, celebrate our differences, and reflect on our shared past, present, and future.


  • Community in our home-place
  • Cultural responsiveness, diversity, equity, and inclusion in those communities
  • Collaboration and friendship
  • Empowerment through storytelling and deep listening
  • Education and innovation
  • Artistic quality and integrity


Create spaces where community members can connect authentically, in meaningful ways through art, empathy, and witnessing one another’s truth. These are radical and cathartic acts in an increasingly divided, detached, and distracted society, and we hope by practicing them, people find a little more capacity for compassion, connection, and bravery.

In Community

We serve an intergenerational and diverse community of adults, youth, families, and seniors within and connected to the South Sound region - Thurston County, stolen Land of the Coast Salish, Squaxin Island, Chehalis, Nisqually, and Puyallup People, Tribal Land of the Medicine Creek Treaty, 1854.

We use community agreements as a way to invite groups into community space together:

Share true stories

From our own life experiences, welcoming multiple perspectives, understanding we each come from different cultural practices, backgrounds, and religions.

Listen deeply to others

For understanding, not fixing, owning our intentions and impacts.

Lean into community wisdom

The wisdom we need is often in the room, and we can open our hearts to it and one another.

Take brave risks

Step into vulnerability and discomfort as an intentional act that we practice in community so that we are more able to practice courage in other spaces too.

Community Collaborations

Want to collaborate with us? Want to invite us to do Playback Theatre and community dialogue with your organization, event, or group? We'd love to hear from you! Email to discuss how we can bring Brave Practice to you!

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