Community Storytelling Circles

November Community Storytelling Circle: Asking for help | Pidiendo ayuda with Cristian Salazar @ CIELO

Join us November 21 @ 6:00 pm for this Community Storytelling Circle in partnership with CIELO, featuring narrator Cristian Salazar, all about asking for help and accessing community resources without shame.

Asking for help: Ways to access community resources without shame

Pidiendo ayuda: Acceder a los recursos de la comunidad sin vergüenza



Cristian is a Chicano Advocate who first started as a volunteer with CIELO in 2016. With the hardships of the pandemic, he knew our community had a limited number of resources. In an effort to support the Latinx community, he took on the role of Community Navigator in May of 2021. Since then, he has been able to distribute over 500k funds.. He is on a mission to help others access the resources they need without shame by sharing his story and authentic self. We will gather to listen to Christian’s story, and move into small groups to reflect on moments from our own lives of asking for help. This event is produced in community partnership with CIELO, and promotes community, self-sufficiency, and leadership of Latinx folks in the South Sound.


Monday, November 21 @ 6 - 7:30 pm


CIELO Centro Integral Educativo Latino de Olympia

*Sliding scale ($0-$100)


  • Opening: Intention, purpose, grounding, community agreements (large group)
  • (30 mins) Engage with story & narrator (large group)
  • (35 mins) Facilitated listening and story-sharing (small groups)
  • Reflection (large group share out and resource share)
  • Closing

Masks are recommended but not required.
Se recomiendan máscaras pero no son obligatorias.



This series highlights the extraordinary lives of ordinary people in our local community. On a regular basis, Window Seat Media features guest narrators who bring to light new perspectives of who we are in the South Sound. Participants collectively listen to the narrator's story and respond by sharing their own stories in facilitated small group conversations. Stories come in many formats: a brief interview, audio or visual media piece, poetry, podcast, or other artistry. The event creates opportunities for dialogue and civic engagement where folks can feel a sense of belonging and connection. We want this to be a consistent and low-barrier offering that serves as a point of entry into our community of multimedia storytellers, artists, activists, and organizers. See more stories from this project.


Profits from ticket sales directly support Window Seat Media & CIELO, our community partner for this event. We balance the need to honor the actual value of the skills and services offered with our commitment to equity and accessibility. All Window Seat Media events have a large sliding scale of pricing so that if folks who have an abundance pay a little more, it will empower others to spend a little less when they need to. The outcome? Everyone is able to attend. The actual cost of producing this event is about $250. We appreciate all donations, both large and small.