Community Storytelling Circles

February Community Storytelling Circle: An interview with Dr. Thelma Jackson

Join us for an event honoring Black History Month: "Activating Grace," an interview with Dr. Thelma Jackson in conversation with Ava McGee.

Sunday, February 27, 2 - 3:30 pm via zoom

Dr. Jackson is a strong Black woman who has spent her personal and professional life challenging the status quo. Whether through formally teaching, advocating for policy changes related to social justice in education, or guiding and mentoring the minds of tomorrow through her consulting agency, Foresight Consultants, Dr. Jackson has both planted and watered seeds of quiet impact for more than 30 years to create real change across the educational landscape.

Black History Today, South Seattle Emerald, 2022

We will listen to Dr. Jackson share her story in community, and then reflect in small groups around the question: When and how have you activated grace in your own life?