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TOGETHER! Community Schools + Brave Practice

We built a youth-centered curriculum in partnership with TOGETHER!'s Community Schools program and hosted a workshop series for youth at a local middle school.

Offered spring 2022 in partnership with TOGETHER!'s Community Schools program, Brave Practice hosted an 7-week workshop series at a local middle school

Workshop Series Description

Brave Practice facilitates an after school program through TOGETHER!

Main learning goals: Students build skills in empathy, listening, teamwork, and self-expression.

Personal storytelling and deep listening are at the heart of our work. Student participants registered through TOGETHER! Community Schools. The program was advertised for students interested in acting and storytelling as a way to express themselves and learn about their peers. The opportunity built skills social-emotional learning skills in areas such as self-awareness, social awareness, and social engagement. Over the course of seven sessions, students became familiar with techniques in personal storytelling and Playback Theatre. Playback is an original form of interactive and improvisational theatre where folx share true stories from their lives and others enact them on the spot using music, dialogue, metaphor, and movement. Participants have the chance to practice creative expression, artistic collaboration, and explore their own gifts and talents.

Session 1

Getting to know the group through story

Session 2

Deep listening - Intro to Playback Theatre

Session 3

Ritual and ethics of Playback Theatre

Session 4

Making offers on stage

Session 5

Trusting the team and having each others’ backs on stage

Session 6

Honoring the teller’s story

Session 7

Final storytelling performance - Deep listening

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