Brave Practice Playback Theatre Company

Places Where I Belong: Community Roots Performance

Brave Practice activated stories from our Community Roots Oral History project in February 2024 through a Playback Theatre performance: "Places Where I Belong." We created conversation about community spaces through audience story-telling played back by our troupe of theatre artists.

"Places Where I Belong: A Playback Theatre Performance with Brave Practice Collective" created conversation about community spaces Thursday through audience story-telling played back by amazing theatre artists.

What did we hear about the precious, seemingly dwindling space we share?

Stories about libraries, babysitters, Olympia’s artesian well and downtown busking, lasting friendships, a bit of nostalgia and some hopefulness about the future.

“I have hope for the future. It won’t be the same, but it will evolve.”
“I think about how much I admire humans who rise to the occasion to take care of each other.”
“(Olympia has)” innovation that is not housed in institutions.”
“We all belong here. Our stories weave together in a grand story.”

The event was part of Window Seat Media’s Community Roots project, an oral history project about local visionaries and change-makers, now on display at the downtown Olympia Timberland Library through March 11.

-Mindy Chambers, Community Roots cohort member