Stories of Food, Food as Story

I Smell Popcorn

Group Zine Contribution

This zine is about my childhood memory of popcorn and chocolate milkshakes when my family lived on Long Island Sound. The images are fairly representational to my written piece titled; “I Smell Popcorn.”I included maps of the sound and towns in both Long Island and Connecticut where we lived. The bright blue metal bowl was what my Dad served the popcorn. He made the chocolate milkshakes too, which was a wonderfully delicious combination. I stitched on some rick rack from my Mom, as she sewed or knitted all our clothes and it fit as a loose image representing the blue water and sun and sand. Finally, the dictionary text piece is because I consider myself a “Foodie”, a person who loves to cook and experiment, grow and use garden produce, and share the yummy outcomes.

-Maggie Post, Winter Cohort 2023