Brave Practice Playback Theatre Collective

Brave Practice Celebrates Window Seat Media

We love being of service in community through storytelling and deep listening. Thank you to Friday's audience for practicing bravery with us.

Brave Practice performs Dec 17, 2021 at Olympia Lamplighters for Window Seat's Annual Fundraising Event

We gathered with safety precautions at Olympia Lamplighters for an evening of reflection on the theme stories that spark on the evening of Friday, Dec 17th.

We celebrated Window Seat Media's 5 years of community service and held space for our community to share stories - about the impacts of the recent fires, of swimming against the current, the warmth and frustrations of caring for pets, fears around the looming impacts of covid and community health, joys of watching grandchildren play and grow, and falling in love with community spaces that inevitably change.

We felt how one person's story can become everyone's story witnessed in community. What a blessing.

Thank you Gotti Sweets, San Francisco Street Bakery, and Olympia Food Co-op for your generous food donations.

Thank you Window Seat for welcoming Brave Practice on as a community engagement program. We are excited for the community collaborations, workshops, and performances to come!