Window Seat Media Welcomes New Board Member

June 1, 2017
Window Seat Media Welcomes New Board Member

Window Seat Media is a nimble organization that thrives on synergy, abundance thinking, and experimentation. We value relationships (human and place-based), multi-disciplinary collaboration, multi-vocality, equity, transparency, and trust. We are always seeking out folks who share our values to help guide our effort forward. We're thrilled to welcome Jessica Babcock to our Board, who embodies these values. We asked her a few questions so you could get to know her a bit...

What do you do in the world?
I actively work for peace and justice locally and globally. I am the Program Manager at the Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace and Justice where I enjoy using my planning and coordination skills in support of social justice and human rights. I also work for the Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County as a Trainer for the YES! (Youth Empowerment Services) facilitating conflict resolution skills and processes that engage youth in authentic dialogue that deepens understanding.

What brings you alive?
I am fueled by the paintings of Frida Kahlo, the words of Climbing Poetree, the music of Florence and the Machine, and the feeling of brand new running shoes.

How does the work of Window Seat Media resonate with you?
I hope to join my many interests with the work of Window Seat Media to not only expand my own growth as an artist, listener, and peacemaker but to contribute to the growth of our community towards an inclusive and liberating one.