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Subscriber Drive: Summer 2024

August 31, 2024


This summer, we’re campaigning for new subscribers to join our Friends of Community Storytelling program. Subscribing is an easy way to support the community-based oral history and storytelling programming you love.

This year, we have some cool incentives for subscribers

  • ‍Friends - $5+/ month, $60+/ year: Window Seat Media annual themed pin
  • ‍Neighbors - $10+/ month, $120/ year: Community Roots bookmark
  • ‍Connectors - $25+/ month, $300/ year: annual themed tote bag
  • ‍Cultivators - $50+/ month, $600/ year: Community Roots letterpress print (design by Aïcha El Beloui)
  • ‍Champions - $100+/ month, $1,200+/ year: TBD, but you know it’s gonna be good

If we reach the following new subscriber goals, as a thank you, we will be doing some fun things!

  • Tier 1 - We get 5 new subscribers: Meg draws one person at random who consents to receive a personalized ephemera card with collage materials (you contribute lots of these) and a hand-created main image of your choice.
  • Tier 2 - We get 10 new subscribers: Elaine draws two people at random who consent to receive one loaf of Vetebrod (Swedish coffee bread)
  • Tier 3 - We get 20+ new subscribers: We draw one person at random who consents to receive an hour-long free consultation for your next storytelling or oral history project with Meg and Elaine.

Current subscribers who increase their monthly donation level will also count toward these new subscriber goals.


This is the time of year when we celebrate our community and remind ourselves that Window Seat only exists because of your support (see 2024 Annual Report). We aim for a quarter of our budget to come from donations. Each year, we seek community accountability for the work we’ve done with your dollars! As a worker-self-directed nonprofit grounded in community-centric fundraising principles, we’re proud of how we operate. We deeply value your reciprocal relationship in fundraising.


Your contribution pays directly for the community events, exhibits, workshops, and performances you love! Your money supports not just us, but the numerous collaborators and artists we invest in through our work. Community donations allow us to be nimble in our community programming and continue to offer large sliding pricing for our events and services. Your contribution means being about to keep operating independently, which is so rare and gratifying as creatives and community leaders. We know sometimes it feels weird to pay for something that technically you could get for free. But that’s where equity comes in - when those with means step up and contribute, folks who could not otherwise afford arts and humanities programming encounter no barriers to participation. It’s as simple as $5 a month - which is like investing in a cup of coffee, but to us, it means the world, because it lets us keep doing this. If we earn $8,500 through our annual crowdfunding efforts, we will cover our monthly operating expenses for the entire year!

You can give however you want - but! We’re incentivizing becoming a monthly subscriber. If you’re already a subscriber, or “Friend of Community Storytelling,” thank you! YOU ROCK! You can join our recurring donors program or boost your existing subscription by clicking "Subscribe" below. If this is your first time and you’d like help setting up a subscription, let us know! Email and we can accomplish your giving goals together.